Phonics, reading and writing in EYFS and Key Stage 1 is taught through Read, Write Inc.

From Year 2, we follow a Mastery approach to English through the programmes 'Pathways to Write.' Units of work are delivered using high quality texts and children in all year groups are given varied opportunities for writing. Skills are built up through repetition within the units and children apply these skills in the writing activities provided. Many opportunities for widening children's vocabulary are given through the Pathways to Write approach and this builds on the extensive work we do in school to provide our children with a rich and varied vocabulary.

We use the programme 'Pathways to Read' once the children have completed the Read, Write Inc programme.   

You can find the end of year expectations for writing, reading and spoken languages for each of our year groups in the attached "Overview of English Objectives" documents on this page. 

We use Numicon for Mathematics. 

Due to mixed age classes in Year 1 - 6, foundation subjects are taught on a  2 year rolling programme, known as Year A or Year B.  This  means that throughout the course of two years, children will cover every topic, but some children will cover the topic in Year 1, 3 or 5 and others in Year 2, 4 or 6. This depends on which cycle we are in. 

Year A is even years - ie 2022, 2024

Year B is odd years - ie 2023, 2025

Please refer to the 2 Year Rolling Programme for Foundation Subjects in Year 1 - 6. 

We follow a 4 year rolling programme for RE using themes such as Good News, Community and Discipleship.

All foundation subjects and Science have End Points (see individual subjects).

RE is explored through Big Questions.

Should you wish to find out more about any element of our curriculum please contact the Headteacher at


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