Year 2 to Weaver Hall

Date: 10th Mar 2017 @ 9:29am

Year 2 visited Weaver Hall to learn more about their Victorian topic.

They firstly learnt about toys from the Tudor period, they found that these games were made from stones or wood. The children played with these and discovered in the Tudor period, children's toys were designed to teach them useful skills for when they were older. Ask your child about the frying pan toy!

Then we explored toys from the Victorian period. These toys were made from wood or metal and the very posh Victorians even had toys made from porcelain. The children enjoyed playing with the different toys.

After lunch we looked at toys from the 1960s, they particularly enjoyed the horse racing game and the spinning top.

The children enjoyed playing with all the different toys and found out lots about materials of toys have changed.

Finally to end our day the children made peg dolls, these looked fantastic!

It was wonderful day and the children behaved impeccably all day, so thank you to all the children. A very big thank you to the parents for the amazing costumes this really brought the day to life, they all looked amazing!!!