Mr Ashworth's Maths Class

Date: 17th Sep 2017 @ 11:38pm


I'll be adding bits to this blog, so you know what we are up to and you can post some comments too.

We have been looking at number sequences and place value this week.

If you would like to know some good Maths apps you can have a look here While looking around i found, which could be helpful. There is another app called Math, age 4-6. I haven't tried either, but both seem to get mentioned more than any other when looking for Key Stage One Maths apps. Let me know what you think.


Who can tell me the value of 4 and 9 in 49?

My number has 6 groups of ten and 3 ones. What is my number?

47, 44, 41,_______,_________, 32, 29, 26. What are the missing numbers?



This week we have been looking at comparing and ordering numbers using <, > and =

What would you put between 34 and 67?

What about 4 tens and 3 tens + 12 ones?

True or false question - One ten and twelve ones is bigger than two tens? Explain if you can.

If you would like to do something at home to help.

Try placing different numbers along a variety of blank number lines.

Mr Ashworth and Mrs Le

We have been looking at using multi link, number lines, deines and other maths equipment to work out place value questions. 



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