Miss Phillips' Dinosaur Topic Day

Date: 27th Sep 2017 @ 4:47pm


For our dinosaur topic day the children spent the day doing lots of different activities that we thoroughly enjoyed!

To start the day we made salt dough and printed dinosaurs in them to make our very own dinosaur fossils.

Next we met 'Generator John' and joined in with his activities he was a member of the Mad Science team. The children learnt about dinosaur diets and how herbivore and carnivore teeth look different. The children then made a dinosaur tooth and took part in a dino dig as they became paleontologists.

After lunch the children used the ipads to create their own unique dinosaurs which they had to feed and look after. They also used a coding app to move a dinosaur around.

Finally we had a call from Chester Zoo to say that the dinosaur that had broken into school the previous day had left an egg. The children had to investigate outside to find a secret code that told us where the egg was. Thankfully the children cracked the code and we found the egg in our role play area. All the children were very quiet and held the egg carefully.


The children spent the day dressed up as dinosaur hunters and they all looked fantastic! We'd like to thank all the parents/carers for making such an effort to get the children dressed up.

Miss Phillips, Mrs Oldham and Mrs Buck