KS1 Topic Day "Journeys"

Date: 28th Feb 2018 @ 4:48pm


Today the children arrived at school in their holiday clothes, ready to take a trip around the United Kingdom. The children journeyed around the classrooms visiting Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Here is what they got up to on their visit ...


The children learnt about St David, Snowdonia, The Principality Stadium and traditional Welsh foods. The children then experienced a day at Llandudno beach where they played in the sand using a bucket and spade to make sandcastles. The children also performed their own puupet shows to the rest of the class as they sat and ate ice cream on the peer front.


Northern Ireland

The children learnt about some famous landmarks in Ireland (Giant's Causeway, Titanic museum etc). They then used their map skills to locate these on a map of Northern Ireland. Later the rug was turned into a coordinates grid and the children gave each other directions to reach different landmarks. We were amazed at the map skills in Year 1 and Year2!


The children learnt about the story of the Loch Ness monster. They then drew what they thought the monster would look like using oil pastels. We wrote descriptions of the monster to go on Wanted posters in Scotland. The children finished the session by learning part of the highland fling - excellent dancing from all!


Thank you so much for your continued support, we hope you enjoy the photos.

The KS1 Team